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The Dog - Chicken & Cheese Slice 100g

The Dog - Chicken & Cheese Slice 100g

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Ultra-thin flakes, easy to break at the entrance.

Suitable for: Puppies, senior dogs, those with weak teeth and comes in an easy-to-eat size so they can eat comfortably

- Soft cheese is rich in vitamins and calcium, and uses low-salt cheese so it is healthier

- Chicken breast is high in protein and low in calories, which helps with diet and muscle development.

  • Ingredients

Chicken, glycerin, cheese, flour, potassium acid, food coloring

• Nutritional Analysis Analysis

Crude protein 30.0% or more

Crude fat 1.0% or more

Crude fiber less than 2.0%

Coarse ash content less than 4.0%

Calcium 0.01% or more

Phosphorus 0.01% or more

Moisture content: 34.0% or less

• Feeding Guide Feeding Guide

Dog size Recommended daily serving size/gram

Small dogs 20g

Medium Dog 40g

Large dogs 80g

  Applicable For: dogs over 6 months old

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