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The Dog - Morning Kisses 3-in-1 (Grapefruit ) 50 pcs

The Dog - Morning Kisses 3-in-1 (Grapefruit ) 50 pcs

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do you know? Dogs accumulate tartar 7 times faster than humans!

If you're looking for a product that effectively cleans your dog's teeth, prevents bad breath, and protects oral health, then our product is definitely your best choice!

- Coconut oil is added to form a natural protective film, which has antibacterial effect and can effectively inhibit the growth of tartar.

- Added vitamin E and other ingredients to strongly inhibit oral bacteria, help keep the mouth clean and prevent tooth decay

- Applicable For: dogs over 6 months old

  • Ingredients

Rice flour, wheat flour, glycerin, sorbitol, corn starch, gelatin, Exid G, CMC, malt flour, oat flour, soybean flour, grapefruit extract, glyceryl stearate, grapefruit flavor, vitamin E, fructose-oligosaccharide, yeast Extract, Green Tea Extract, Flaxseed Powder, Multivitamins, Coconut Oil, Lactobacillus plantarum (lactic acid bacteria)

• Nutritional Analysis Analysis

Crude protein 4.0% or more

Crude fat 1.0% or more

Crude fiber less than 3.0%

Coarse ash content less than 3.0%

Calcium 0.05% or less

Phosphorus 0.05% or less

Moisture content: 18.0% or less

  • Feeding Guide Feeding Guide

Dog weight/kg Recommended daily serving/box

Under 5kg 1 ~ 2 pieces

5kg ~ 10kg 3 ~ 4 pieces

10kg ~ 30kg 5 ~ 7 pieces

30kg and above 8 ~ 10 pieces

• Applicable For: dogs over 6 months old

• Dimensions: Length 6.8cm x Width 1.3cm

• Origin: Made In Korea

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